Wall Lamp
W: 45 cm | 17.7″
D: 13 cm | 5.1″
H: 54 cm | 21.3″
European Product Design Award

Gold Prize Winner in the European Product Design Award, Home Interior Products, Lighting Category, 2017

The Pearl Wall Lamp is a poetic handcrafted tribute to Nature’s mysterious ways. The piece, made in marble and metal, represents one of its quintessential attributes – serendipity. The magnificence of pearls, when produced naturally by oysters, is as breathtaking as exquisitely rare. The Pearl Wall Lamp’s marble shape is carved by hand, making each piece, much like a natural pearl, an absolutely unique sculpture.

  • As pictured

    Body in Carrara marble in honed finishing; metal details in Brushed Brass. Version: left.

    Also shown in:

    Negro Maquina marble in honed finishing; metal details in Brushed Brass. Version: left.

    Romano Travertine in natural finishing; metal details in Brushed and Polished Brass. Version: left.

  • Product details

    Designed and handcrafted in Porto.

    Left version (pictured). Also available in right version.

    Bulbs & Voltage:
    3 x G9 LED, 3W 2700K 200lm | 230V

    Spec sheet
  • Finishes


    Carrara, Negro Marquina, Estremoz, Estremoz Rose or Rosso Lepanto marble in honed finishing, or Romano Travertine in natural finishing.

    Marble & Stone
    • Carrara
    • Negro Marquina
    • Estremoz
    • Estremoz Rose
    • Rosso Lepanto
    • Romano Travertine

    Metal details

    Brass, Nickel or Copper in Polished, Brushed or Antique finishing.

    Metal Plates
    • Polished Brass
    • Polished Nickel
    • Polished Copper
    • Brushed Brass
    • Brushed Nickel
    • Brushed Copper
    • Antique Brass
    • Antique Nickel
    • Antique Copper
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