Small Paperweight
W: 18 cm | 7.1″
D: 6 cm | 2.4″
H: 6 cm | 2.4″

Polaris is reminiscent of natural shapes found across a portfolio of elements on Earth and beyond. The handcrafted recycled glass is available in sky, bronze or magnolia colours, and hosts the dramatic shapes, smooth lines and tapered surfaces characteristic of crystals, gemstones and ice structures.

  • As pictured

    Melted Glass in Sky finishing. Also shown in Melted Glass in Bronze and Magnolia.

  • Product details

    Designed and handcrafted in Porto.

    Spec sheet
  • Finishes

    Melted Glass

    Sky, Magnolia or Bronze

    Melted Glass
    • Sky
    • Magnolia
    • Bronze
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