W: 15 cm | 5.9″
D: 11 cm | 4.3″
H: 30 cm | 11.8″

The Pico bookend encapsulates the raw beauty of mountain stone, using techniques to convey the erosions and hewn features formed over a long battle against nature’s forces. The hand-sculpted marble base has created a truly unique piece that bears a striking resemblance to its natural counterpart.

  • As pictured

    A solid block of hand carved Carrara marble.

    Also pictured in Estremoz Rose and Negro Marquina marble.

  • Product details

    Designed and handcrafted in Porto.

    Spec sheet
  • Finishes


    Carrara, Negro Marquina, Estremoz Rose or Guatemala Green.

    Marble & Stone
    • Carrara
    • Negro Marquina
    • Estremoz Rose
    • Guatemala Green
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