Singular Mirror
W: 125 cm | 49.2″   W: 80 cm | 31.5″
D: 7 cm | 2.8″
H: 130 cm | 51.2″   H: 79 cm | 31.1″

Framing the beholder in a crown of vine branches, the Vine mirror is the ultimate artisanal piece. The four arches that form the frame are handmade from vine branches, molded in brass casting, found in the Douro Valley, home of the unique Port Wine.

  • As pictured

    Three arches in cast Brass with Brass finishing, and one arch in Antique Brass finishing; mirror in Clear finishing.

    Also shown with three arches in cast Brass with Silver finishing, and one arch in Antique Silver finishing.

  • Product details

    Designed and handcrafted in Porto.

    Available in different sizes:

    Vine 80 Singular Mirror
    W: 80 cm | 31,5”
    D: 7 cm | 2,8”
    H: 79 cm | 31,1”

    Spec sheet
  • Finishes

    Frame in cast brass

    Brass, Antique Brass, Silver, Antique Silver, Copper or Antique Copper.

    Mold Casting
    • Brass
    • Antique Brass
    • Silver
    • Antique Silver
    • Copper
    • Antique Copper


    Clear, Bronze or Smokey.

    • Clear
    • Bronze
    • Smokey
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