Coffee Table
W: 120 cm | 47.2″
D: 80 cm | 31.5″
H: 40 cm | 15.7″

The shallow craters formed by the impacts of the remains of the stars are alliterated by the hand hammered patterns of the Stardust. These singular and simple shapes tell tales of metal forged by hand, as craters tell the story of the Earth. A quiet yet intriguing statement for a living space.

  • As pictured

    Sections in Brushed Hammered Brass, sections in Brushed Brass.

  • Product details

    Designed and handcrafted in Porto.

    Spec sheet
  • Finishes

    Hammered sections

    Brass, Copper or Nickel in Polished, Brushed or Antique Hammered finishing.

    • Hammered Brushed Brass
    • Hammered Brushed Nickel
    • Hammered Brushed Copper
    • Hammered Polished Brass
    • Hammered Polished Nickel
    • Hammered Polished Copper

    Metal plate

    Brass, Nickel or Copper plate in Polished, Brushed or Antique finishing.

    • Polished Brass
    • Polished Nickel
    • Polished Copper
    • Brushed Brass
    • Brushed Nickel
    • Brushed Copper
    • Antique Brass
    • Antique Nickel
    • Antique Copper
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